For the MEDI169 brief I have recently finished the series that I submitted called “What is Home?”. I decided to reproach the project focusing it on the peoples stories behind where they live and exploring why. Letting the people decided what is told and how they are represented. Making it much more personal to the subjects life and experiences, allowing the viewer to relate to these people. I decided that five homes would be enough of a sample and would allow me to have my home in the middle of the series.

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During a shoot I would first go in their home and talk to them and do the questionnaire, making sure they know why and what I’m doing. It was important that the people wrote their answers themselves as in my book I want their personal stories included and having their handwriting adds a more personal touch. I would then ask if I could go round the house and take pictures that I feel captured the people’s personality. I also would ask if they want to have anything taken for example a precious family heirloom.

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The series is in the form of five portraits that are currently printed at 10×8, the work also features a book that complements the portraits. In the book there are more pictures and writing from the subjects in the piece.

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You can view the complete series “What is Home?” here.



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