For my MEDI167 module we had to curate an exhibition. Our theme was imperfect, my submitted piece was a series of photograms of people’s hands. As part of the module we had to prepare and put up all of the work ourselves.

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To prep the rooms we had to take down any old work, including posters and previous exhibition work. This resulted in messy walls and created patches where the paint came off. We then had to sand the walls and fill any holes using filler. Finally we could then paint the walls.

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Once the walls were prepped, we had to decide where everyone’s work was going to go. To decide fairly we placed out everyone’s work on the floor so we could see the whole exhibition. Most of the work was put where it fitted best in the room we were provided.

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To put my series up I used double sided velcro which is very easy to use. All you have to do is align the two stripes together, cut the pieces to the size you need, then peel of the paper and stick it to the work. The standard height of the middle of the piece in an exhibition has to be 160cm from the floor. Making the middle of the piece eye level. Once I had the middle I could then put the middle photogram up. Using a spirt level I drew marks on the wall where the corners would go, I then could peel the other side of the velcro paper and stick the piece on the wall.

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I could then put up the rest of the work, I had to decide a measurement for the gap between each of the photograms. The standard practice is to have a bigger gap before the first photo and after the last to give the series a border. Putting up the work for the exhibition was the hardest part, if one of the photograms were placed slightly off it would be obvious to the viewer.


Overall I was very happy with the exhibition, it looked very professional. My work looked great and was placed in a decent position in the exhibition. The exhibition has helped me to understand the process that is needed to curate a high quality exhibition. Helping me to develop the skills to curate an exhibition without any help. Thinking about my work in terms of where it was placed and the reasons behind the presentation of the exhibition. The private viewing of the exhibition is soon and will be an important networking event for Faye West Productions.




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