Last week I had a day trip to London, unfortunately I did not plan the day very well. I went to the Victoria and Albert museum and walked along Oxford Street. I would have loved to have spent the whole day exploring London. Getting unique and interesting perspectives, documenting the hidden wonders of London. Instead I was forced to have a short intense day rushing around. The result of this lead me only to produce two high quality photos.


This was taken in the Victoria and Albert Museum, it is my favourite image from the day, I love the strong colours and the crisp silhouette. The museum is great for anyone searching inspiration for any project, it is also great as you can take photos of all the pieces for future references.


This was the only other photo I took that was good, it is of a street performer on Oxford Street. This monkey ‘floating’ was very charming and caught my eye. The photo could have been better as the background is quite messy and distracting.

From my day trip I learnt that London needs planning, you can’t just stroll around and hope for the best. However I always love going and would love to go again soon so I could focus on photography.



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