I was given a pair of Monster Headphones as a gift and was really excited to try them out, I wanted to share my experience with you guys and review the Monster Inspiration headphones. The special features of the headphones are passive noise isolation and interchangeable headphones, they have won the Plus X awards for design, functionality and high quality.

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In the box you get the headset, a case, 3 leads, cleaning cloth, spare head band and the instructions.

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These headphones are over the ear, which i prefer to on-the-ear headphones. The monster headphones actually fit on my fairly large ears and are comfortable to wear even with piercings, which I have struggled with before. The headset is a bit chunky but they are stylish with a simple design and of high quality.

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As well as the headphones you get three different leads, all of them are detachable from the headset and are easy to use. There is a normal lead, a lead with a mic and a lead that has a mic and volume control.

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The case is quite big and chunky but holds the headphones nicely and you can fit the extra leads in as well. These headphones aren’t good if you want to carry them round with you everywhere and you only have a small bag, they are better designed for studio work, editing or using them for long periods of time.

Sound Quality

 I did a quick sound test online to show you the quality.

Frequency response:

Bass extension – Lowest Frequency 10Hz

Treble extension – Highest Frequency 20Hz

Dynamic Range

38dBFs (decibels below full scale)

Binaural Test

Binaural was very good.

This test was done by using Audio Check.

Noise Cancelation/effecting other people

When no music was playing you could still hear all the surroundings, when music was on you couldn’t hear anything else. At a normal volume there was no sound leakage, at a high volume there was some sound leakage but it wasn’t noticeable to others. If my ears were smaller I think that the sound would not leak out and if you have good hearing then this wouldn’t  be a problem anyway.

“Closer to studio headphones than Beats”


I would highly recommend these headphones and I have been using them most days since getting them.



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