For this next project I have decided to document my thought process and post behind the scenes content to show you how I work. My next project is going to be a self portrait GIF that will be used as a way of identifying myself online.

I have already got a few ideas of how I want the portrait to look, but I need to do research in order for me to be very clear on what it is I want to make.

Here is a few images that have inspired me so far:


Carliihde, 2013.

Laurent, R., 2016. “Let the @Frappuccino Float on your mind.”,

Litel, A., 2011, “Me”

Prades, S.  “Self Portrait”,

Prades, S., “Rear Window Hitchcock”,

Švajger, P., 2015. “Thalassophobia”,

Unknown Self Portrait,



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