After making my own self portrait gif I realised that I needed to create a stronger image that really showed off my skills. I looked at the artist Petra Švajger for inspiration, she is an artist who created several series of self portrait Gifs.



The series is called ANXIETY SELF PORTRAIT/Gifs that explore all of her fears which are portrayed through whimsical animations. She wanted to avoid making her anxiety seem morbid and instead showing how silly they are.


Flixel Cinemagraphs

She has also made a series of cinemagraphs which are gifs that contain very little movement to trick the viewer to thinking it is a still photo. Although this is a very effective style I feel that this is not a technique that I will explore in detail as my work is based on animation rather than cinematography.

I really like her style of drawing, it is full of detail and character, it is the sort of style that I am aiming with my animations. All of her work has a deeper meaning that is personal to her making the self portrait have greater depth which connects the viewer. To progress my Gifs further I need to maybe have less frames but make sure my digital drawing is full of detail and character that can be seen in Petra Švajger’s work, making sure I really represent myself with my final Gif.


The next step for me is to remake the previous Gif and improving the quality of it, I will start by taking a better photo of myself and then work animations on top of the photo.

You can check out more of Petra Švajger’s work by clicking here.



Švajger, P., 2013.

Featured Image – Švajger, P., 2015. “Thalassophobia”,

Švajger, P., 2015. “Nyctophobia”,

Švajger, P., 2015. “Flixel Cinemagraphs”,

Švajger, P., 2015. “Weird Flu” ,

Švajger, P., 2015. “Cynophobia” ,

Švajger, P., 2016. “Rem Sleep” ,

Švajger, P., 2016. “Sleep Paralysis” ,


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