For this Self-Portrait gif I decided to look at traditional portraits to give me a greater knowledge of Portraiture.

I looked at the artist Lichtenstein for inspiration. I’ve always loved the bold lines and the simple colour palette he used and how it can be a very detailed piece of art with only a couple of colours.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.10.16


Lichtenstein was in the Pop art era along with artists such as Andy Warhol, this links with the ideas of mass production; the images made by the pop artists of the sixties were reproduced in the same vein as commercial products.

My Gif can relate to those themes in the sense that the gif can be copied and distributed through the Internet. There could be several versions of my face across the Internet. My Gif can be reproduced endlessly; gifs could be considered digital pop art.



Litchtenstein, R.,1965, “Reverie” Screenprint,

Image Source:

Lichtenstein, R., 1963, “Crying Girl” Lithograph,

Image source –


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