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This blog is closing down … I know sad times.

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Crow Puppets – Shadow on a Hill

This year I have been working with the wonderful Crow Puppets in producing their next music video for the song – Shadow on a Hill.

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I directed and edited the video, along with Cara’s illustrations and Em’s creative ideas, we made a music video that combines live action and animation. Taking you on an adventure into a strange yet charming world.

Here it is –

Crow Puppets – Shadow on a Hill from Faye West Productions on Vimeo.

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Happy Holidays


New Projects Page!

Hi everyone sorry I haven’t been posting much recently but I am hoping to get back into the routine of posting.

Anyway – I have a new section on my website called Projects. In this section I will be putting up all the projects that I am involved with such as collaborations and other exciting opportunities that I might come across.

At the moment I have three amazing projects I have worked on which you should check out by clicking here.

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Review of Shura – Nothing’s Real

This British singer is by far one of my favourites of 2016. Shura (Alexandra Lilah Denton) debut album Nothing’s Real is a cohesive and well-curated album. An album based on her trails and tribulations of life Shura has created an album to comfort her and her listeners through nostalgia.

Before we start reviewing the music I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the art that went behind the album. All the designs from the album were created by the very talented Louise Pomeroy and directed by Mat Maitland. I love the style of this artist and had to get a physical copy of the album to fully appreciate the designs, turned out to be a signed version (bonus!).

If the album sounds familiar it is because the whole album is homage to the 80s, cool comanding vocals, ‘Synthy’ disco pop and the classic handclap sounds. The song that makes me want to dance the most is the song ‘What’s it Gonna Be?’ this Synth pop anthem is my favourite track on the album. I love the music video, which has a LGBT+ twist to a classic plot of liking your friend.

Even though nostalgia is mostly comforting there are times where looking back can be painful. My other favourite from the album is the song ‘Touch’ which Shura’s amazing vocals are very compelling. Throughout the album Shura has honest and emotional lyrics that are deeply internal. The songs are often about her loneliness and relationship struggles that we all find relatable.

Shura has really created a diverse, fresh and fun album. It feels like an 80s record which even features the same crackles that you would get on a vinyl. ‘Nothing’s Real’ feels like we have entered the world of Shura and the album is a portal to getting to know the artist. The album even has snippets of audio from home videos, which is an extra detail in the very cohesive album.

My guess is Shura will go on to be a very successful pop artist. All the songs on ‘Nothing’s Real’ are so beautiful that it is obvious that her success will grow. Shura’s is definitely one of my sounds of 2016.

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Final Self Portrait Gif

I decided to take another picture of myself as I didn’t like the photo from the last attempt. I wanted to have more detail in the gif so I chose a wider shot.


I cropped it to a square to get rid of wasted space.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 20.18.15

In Photoshop I then drew over the picture and made a new layer every time I wanted to change something.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.42.34


I really liked the strong contrast between the black and white and blue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.45.32

I then made a new layer every time I wanted something different on the lens of the glasses, I chose symbols, images and colours that had meaning to me. Everything to the trivial to the meaningful.

I liked having different colours in my gif but it meant the file size was increased. Thinking about my research I really liked the simple colour palette style of Lichtenstein. So instead I exported the gif with less colour, which made the piece feel completed. Comparing my gif to my research I feel that I have successful made my gif fast pace like Alex Litel and contain enough detail that was seen in Petras work.

This is my final self-portrait gif:





Research: Roy Lichtenstein

For this Self-Portrait gif I decided to look at traditional portraits to give me a greater knowledge of Portraiture.

I looked at the artist Lichtenstein for inspiration. I’ve always loved the bold lines and the simple colour palette he used and how it can be a very detailed piece of art with only a couple of colours.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.10.16


Lichtenstein was in the Pop art era along with artists such as Andy Warhol, this links with the ideas of mass production; the images made by the pop artists of the sixties were reproduced in the same vein as commercial products.

My Gif can relate to those themes in the sense that the gif can be copied and distributed through the Internet. There could be several versions of my face across the Internet. My Gif can be reproduced endlessly; gifs could be considered digital pop art.



Litchtenstein, R.,1965, “Reverie” Screenprint,

Image Source: http://www.artnet.com/artists/roy-lichtenstein/reverie-a-oCLJVJR2-hxMPJS_7cFzKg2

Lichtenstein, R., 1963, “Crying Girl” Lithograph,

Image source – https://www.artsy.net/artwork/roy-lichtenstein-crying-girl

Researching Gifs: Petra Švajger

After making my own self portrait gif I realised that I needed to create a stronger image that really showed off my skills. I looked at the artist Petra Švajger for inspiration, she is an artist who created several series of self portrait Gifs.



The series is called ANXIETY SELF PORTRAIT/Gifs that explore all of her fears which are portrayed through whimsical animations. She wanted to avoid making her anxiety seem morbid and instead showing how silly they are.


Flixel Cinemagraphs

She has also made a series of cinemagraphs which are gifs that contain very little movement to trick the viewer to thinking it is a still photo. Although this is a very effective style I feel that this is not a technique that I will explore in detail as my work is based on animation rather than cinematography.

I really like her style of drawing, it is full of detail and character, it is the sort of style that I am aiming with my animations. All of her work has a deeper meaning that is personal to her making the self portrait have greater depth which connects the viewer. To progress my Gifs further I need to maybe have less frames but make sure my digital drawing is full of detail and character that can be seen in Petra Švajger’s work, making sure I really represent myself with my final Gif.


The next step for me is to remake the previous Gif and improving the quality of it, I will start by taking a better photo of myself and then work animations on top of the photo.

You can check out more of Petra Švajger’s work by clicking here.



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